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Meet The Team

Mariangela Maturi

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Mariangela Maturi is a freelance journalist and author based in the UK. She is a regular contributor from London for the Swiss national radio (RSI) and other international media outlets. She started working in 2006 in the newsrooms of Radio Popolare and il manifesto in Italy, becoming a freelancer in 2010, before moving to Ecuador. Her interests include human rights, gender equality, environment, political and social affairs. Her first book Silenzio di Piombo (Round Robin, 2016) investigates the correlation between military bases and environmental - health concerns in Sardinia, Italy. In July 2017 she was awarded a Channel 4 Bursary from the Rory Peck Training Fund for hostile environments training.

Irene Caselli

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Irene Caselli is a freelance multimedia journalist with experience in print and broadcasting. She reports for the BBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, Univisión, and is a contributing editor for Index on Censorship magazine. After a decade in Latin America, she is now based in Italy. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and German, and has intermediate French and Portuguese. She was the BBC  correspondent in Venezuela when Hugo Chávez died. She also worked for the BBC in Argentina and Ecuador as a correspondent, and in London as a producer. Her interests include violence and insecurity, human rights, women, environment, health and culture.

Claudia Jardim

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Claudia Jardim is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Born in Brazil, she lived for a decade in Venezuela, covering the intense years of Hugo Chavez and the aftermath of his death. She also travelled across Latin America, reporting on social and political stories for BBC Brasil, Carta Capital, CBN Radio and others. 

She covered the 2009 coup in Honduras as well as the political turmoil in Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico and Colombia. 

Since 2016, she has been based in Bangkok, Thailand, working across South East Asia. 

Her focus is on politics, human rights, modern slavery, women and social movements. 

General Enquiries

 Please write us at agirlsgame10@gmail.com


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